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Parent’s Anniversary

Posted on: May 10th, 2011 by Gerry | 4 Comments

I took some photos at my parents 46th Wedding Anniversary and used Animoto to present them.  It took a while for Animoto to process the 480p video, I don’t know why , it was kind of frustrating.  I mixed in some photos of when my parents were  young and some photo’s of my sisters and their children.  I’m very happy how it turned out.  Let me know what you think!

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Posted on: July 6th, 2010 by Gerry | 2 Comments

D80, 50mm, 1/800 sec at f/2.8, ISO 100

Here’s another photo from the B&H Lensbaby Urban Photo Safari workshop. The instructor gave us a list to photograph in Central Park and this is one of them. We have seen many photographs of Bethesda fountain and I wanted to create a different view or perspective. I have seen similar photograph of the fountain but not with the same effect as with the Lensbaby. I knew I wanted to photograph the fountain but I wanted a different view or angle. I was happily surprised to see the cellist playing and I knew I wanted to incorporate him in the picture. I took several shot of him but I wanted the angel and the fountain to be part of photograph. So I came up with this photograph of the fountain and a silhouette of the cellist. I was hoping to just photograph the fountain and the cellist but it was summer and in the middle of the afternoon in NYC, but I think the picture still worked out. Let me know if you have any comment and/or questions.

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Town Square Gatlinburg Tennessee

Posted on: May 10th, 2010 by Gerry | No Comments
Town Square Gatlinburg Tennessee

Nikon D80, 50mm, 1/1250 sec at f/1.8, ISO 200

I love going to places that I’ve never been. And this picture was no different. This was my first time visiting Tennessee and the picture was taken in a little town called Gatlinburg. This town was located at the foot of The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. There were lots of little shops and restaurants in town and it was also minutes away from Dollywood. I took this picture mid to late January that is why there were no people around but the great part was the Donut Friar was still open. They made fresh donuts every morning and it was yummy. Gatlinburg was a great little town to charge up for a full day of hiking at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I love the lines and the color combinations in this picture. I also like the movement of the water in the fountain and the red color of the The Donut Friar sign in the background. I hope you like it. Please leave me some comments and/or questions. Happy viewing!

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